Will Smith slaps Chris Rock over joke

Well the Oscars brought a little dramatic to the scene this time. Although it wasn’t enough to save the ratings with it being the second lowest watched Oscars in history. Between the awful jokes and the Will Smith slap of a harmless G.I. Jane joke its no wonder the ratings are plummeting.

Jada Smith has a condition called alopecia harmless condition but one that causes patches of hair to be lost. So Jada decided to shave her head. Chris Rock being a comedian said he was ready for G.I. Jane 2. You can visibly see Will Smith laughing before turning to Jada and seeing she is not pleased, then he decides to go up and assault Chris Rock.

The thing that is so puzzling to so many people is that Jada and Will have been “openly” in an open marriage for years. So in Jada and Wills mind its okay for other men to sleep with Jada, wine and dine her etc. but its not okay to make a joke about her hair.

This is exactly why people are getting tired of the Hollywood elite trying to be the moral luminaries of the world, and probably why the Oscars has been plummeting for years.

To say the least it was an odd reaction and solidifies the notion many parents have “Do we really want these people as the examples for our kids?”

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