Who Will Be Governor of Arkansas in 2023?

With the Arkansas General Election about a year away and incumbent Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson ineligible for re-election, the Governor’s Mansion in Little Rock is totally up for grabs in 2022. Currently there are seven candidates which have made their intentions known that they want to govern The Natural State when the Hutchinson Administration takes their leave and being a new Arkansan, over the coming year I plan to write an article about each one of them but today, I’m going to introduce the candidates for this race and if my introductions seem a bit vague, remember that each candidate will get their own story in the future where I cover their accomplishments and qualifications in detail. One thing I will say as I look across the field of candidates, at least I can be grateful that none of their names are Clinton. We don’t need to repeat that again.

The first candidate I want to mention is Libertarian Ricky Dale Harrington Jr who in 2020 ran against Republican Senator Tom Cotton and took 1/3 of the vote in a deep red state. While the Libertarian Party is generally considered a non-threat in national elections, in local elections, the story can be very different. I don’t expect Ricky to win, but he could play the spoiler.

Now the Democrats. First up, Anthony Bland. He’s an Arkansas native who has earned several degrees and is employed as a Business Teacher with the Little Rock School District, a small business owner, and a martial arts instructor. He has also been a hard-working man from the young age of 14 which resonates with me.

Next up is Democrat Chris Jones. Chris grew up in Pine Bluff, both his father and mother were preachers, is an ordained minister himself, a nuclear engineer and holds a Ph.D in Urban Planning.

The third Democrat in the 2022 Arkansas General Election is James Russell. James Russell comes from a family with deep roots in Arkansas, spanning 100 years. He has studied Pre-med, Biology and Philosophy and has worked on the Arkansas State Medical Board as a Physician Credentialing Specialist among many other projects and endeavors.

The final Democrat to declare their intentions for the 2022 Gubernatorial Election is Supha Xayprasith-Mays. Supha began her career in her early 20’s working in the corporate headquarters of Walmart in the Human Resources department.

The GOP has presented us with two options. First, the sitting Attorney General of the State of Arkansas, Leslie Rutledge. Rutledge has held the office of AG since 2015 and is the first woman and believe it or not, the first Republican to hold the position and won re-election in 2018. She also served as Deputy Counsel in the Office of Governor Mike Huckabee advising state agencies including: Oil and Gas Commission, Public Service Commission, Insurance Department, Real Estate Commission, Bank Department, and dozens of smaller state agencies and departments.

And finally, the one that most people believe to be the front runner in the race, Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Sanders is the former Press Secretary to President Trump, and is the daughter of former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee. She was a senior advisor to Arkansas Senator, Tom Cotton, as well as campaign manager for Arkansas Senator John Boozman.

I’m looking forward to researching these candidates more extensively, reading up on their policy platforms and writing stories on each of them leading up to Election Day. I have a feeling that the eyes of America will be on Arkansas next November.


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