What Biden thinks about people who lose their job due to mandates

Joe Biden made it clear that he has no sympathy to anyone who loses their job due the jab mandate. Which was evident in his interview with Anderson Cooper. In which he seemed to portray a troublesome lack of concern about the strain lack of medical freedom and job loss will put on their families and communities.

“I’m wondering where you stand on that,” moderator Anderson Cooper asked Biden during a live CNN town hall event. “Should police officers, first responders be mandated to get vaccines? And if not, should they be mandated to stay at home, let go?”

“Yes and yes,” Biden answered, going on to claim that he “waited until July to talk about mandating because I tried everything else possible.” He scoffed at the possibility of personnel losses, citing compliance rates in the high 90s among airlines and the military (without mentioning that Southwest Airlines recently backed down from its plans to enforce the mandate).

Biden went on to mock the very thought of medical choice or freedom; saying, “I have the freedom to kill you with my COVID. No, I mean come on freedom!” Despite Biden’s push for authoritarian mandates there is a growing body of data that indicates that the administrations strategy isn’t working.

The federal government considers more than 189 million Americans (57% of the eligible) to be “fully vaccinated,” yet ABC News reported October 6 that more Americans died of COVID-19 this year (353,000) than in all of 2020 (352,000), according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

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  1. Scott M. Kruchell

    I never voted for this Biden asshole. As far as I’m concerned he should be in prison. Hell they used to EXECUTE treasonous POS like this.


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