War on Heterosexuality: “UC Riverside Professor Jane Ward: Heterosexuality is “Tragic”

In an interview to insider UC Riverside professor Jane Ward is quoted as saying, “It really looks like straight men and women don’t like each other very much, that women spend so much time complaining about men, and we still have so much evidence of misogyny.”

Ward goes on to say that she feels sorry for straight women, who according to her report some of the lowest sexual satisfaction in society. Ward says she feels sorry for straight men as well, because she claims they are “pigeon-holed” into a toxic masculine culture that tells them they need women. “From an LGBT perspective, being straight looks actually very tragic.” Says, Ward who is a professor of Gender and Sexuality studies at UC.

This same culture she says also tells men that they “need” to demean them. One queer woman who was interviewed for the professor’s book titled The Tragedy of Heterosexuality said that she found it “depressing” to see what her “straight female friends put up with regarding treatment from men.”

This same woman goes on to say how straight women are so different because they have an attachment to men which she calls “…cruel, insensitive, self-centered….” Or simply “boring.”

She even says “rituals” like weddings and gender reveals that bring so much joy and familial involvement actually cause harm. Although not because of some psychological or deep spiritual reasoning. So, what is the reasoning in the article? The article cites a gender reveal that caused a wildfire in California (Which could have happened anywhere). Ward also criticizes gender reveals because they assume that there are only two genders (i.e., boy and girl) of course this would be a safe assumption since we have never seen a deer or alien born and it happens to be in standing with biology. They also cite weddings during the pandemic “some” of which had unfortunate spreads of the virus due to close interaction.


While the article and ward do talk about the unfortunate rise in divorce rates in heterosexual couples over the past year. Which could be and probably is due to the strenuous lockdowns and burdensome financial struggles that can play a role in reducing sexual libido. Ward fails to mention the high rate of divorce among lesbians at 34% compared to heterosexual couples at 19% according to new data at https://pridelegal.com/gay-divorce-versus-straight-divorce/

Even the overall divorce rate between “gay” marriages in general being at 16% and heterosexual couples being at 19% is not that far of a gap. Especially with gay marriage in terms of years being a relatively new phenomenon country wide as opposed to just statewide, I have no doubt that number will probably increase with time.




Ward says she thinks that “if men could just recognize feminism and equity are essential to a healthy and happy relationship.” I think it would be hard for most to recognize anything or anyone that calls them “cruel, insensitive, self-centered, and boring.” This type of feministic thought; taught to our children and pervading our society will only erode family values and teach young impressionable minds that all men are bad. Neither of which seem essential or productive to a healthy family or society to me.



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