Wake up Americans, America needs you!

There has been so much going on in the United States and around the World. We are seeing things that we have not seen before. Hearing things that we have not heard before. There is so much for people to process and try to understand. All the Political fearmongering and so much division in America. Wars and rumors of wars going on in other countries such as the Afghanistan take over by the Taliban recently.

There are so many Americans and Afghans trapped in Afghanistan. These people have no one to help them. People that have only known their country are trying to leave with their children for fear of being killed. Journalists and Christians are being hunted for the kill. So much pain and fear for people to endure. People handing their babies over the barbed wire fences with tears streaming down their faces, so the military officers would take them to safety. People desperate to leave and be safe that they are jumping on the planes as they left and falling to their deaths in terror.

This should have never happened. If the Biden Administration had actually thought this through before putting Americans and Afghans in harm’s way, this would not be happening. They could have evacuated at the Americans [and made arrangements for third party nationals] before they pulled out. The women and children were screaming out wondering why no one cares. The Americans feeling betrayed by their country. All were wondering why they cannot be saved because they know very well what the Taliban will do to them.

There will be no mercy from the Taliban and never has been. This is an outrage. It’s bad enough that our rights are being taken away and people are being exposed to so much violence, hatred and division here from different rioting groups, prisoners being release, etc. Once again, this administration caused yet another crisis that results in the death of many.

That is not even mentioning the power they are giving this terrorist group the Taliban to do the same to other countries including our own, just as they have given BLM and Antifa power here.

I pray God would intervene and that the people that are responsible including the Taliban will be brought to Justice and that lives would be saved instead of taken. We need to wake up and stand up for our country and for those that cannot stand up for themselves.



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