Venezuela’s socialist party gives farm land to Islamic regime

Iran’s deputy interior minister for economic affairs Mohsen Kousheshtabar boasted on Iran’s Tasnim News agency recently the socialist regime of Venezuela is ceding one million hectares (That’s about 2, 400,000 acres) farmland to the Islamic regime for cultivation and food growth.

“Iran has become so great and strong and has reached such a high level in scientific exchanges that other countries are reaching out to the Islamic Republic.”

The announcement comes one month after socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro visited Iran to sign a 20-year energy and defense cooperation agreement between the two countries.

In 2005, then-President Hugo Chávez — whom the Socialist Party of Venezuela posthumously refers to as the “Supreme and Eternal Commander of the Revolution” — armed with his controversial land law, began a one-sided “war against latifundium,” or large extensions of privately owned farmlands, and against farmers in Venezuela. The Chávez regime seized over five million hectares of farmland from capable hands and gave them over to Chavistas loyalists and allies without any sort of technical capacity, bringing once-productive lands down to near-zero production.

Iran has been providing the Maduro regime with technical assistance to repair the nation’s run-down oil refineries. The Islamic regime has also been supplying the Maduro regime with fuel shipments to offset the nation’s severe fuel shortages, and in more recent times, exporting Iranian crude oil to supply the now repaired Venezuelan refineries. The Islamic regime has also reportedly been supplying arms to Venezuela, including long-range missiles, air defense systems, and radar equipment.

Maduro’s current oil Minister, Tareck El Aissami, whom the State Department currently has an active $10 million bounty on over drug trafficking charges, is widely believed to be Maduro’s link to Hezbollah and a huge monetary contributor to the terrorist organization.



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