Trump warned of high gas prices: how did he know? (Video)

Trump when he was running against Biden warned the American people that quote, “If Biden got in; you’ll be paying $7, $8, $9 for a gallon of gas…” How could Trump have known?

Well it wasn’t that hard to deduce one only need to look at the democratic policies that are espoused by every democratic administration.

First we have to tackle the question does the president and the congress play a part in the gas dilemma via their policies? Yes they do.

The policies via tax legislation, foreign relations, and yes even wars all can and have historically played a part in past and current gas dilemmas.

lets look at the situation we are in. When Biden got in his administration revoked the XL keystone pipeline which not only created thousands of jobs but would have made gas more readily available and cheaper. Biden and the democrats returned to getting oil from OPEC which have traditionally raised prices and price gouged the USA simply because they know they can. I mean why not if a country is willing to depend on you for something as crucial as oil, the very things your planes, ships, and cars run on go for the gusto and get all you can.

Cancellation of leases, offshore drilling sites, and taxation from congress and/or the administration all play a role in determining the conditions that adversely affect gas prices. When Obama and the democrats were in office we saw the gas prices go up to as high as $3.70 a gallon then.


When Trump got into office we saw the gas prices soar down to about a $1.80 or $2 a gallon. This was because of the policies his administration focused on. He worked hard to make sure Keystone pipeline went through, he moved us away from oil dependence on groups like OPEC and anti-American countries to oil “independence.”

Trump also was the only president in a long long time who had no new wars. Yes wars can and do affect gas prices bringing volatility to the market as more resources are diverted. Trump brokered 4 peace deals and had peace while he was in office which says a lot about his foreign policy. Biden has had a foreign policy disaster from the Afghanistan withdrawal to Ukraine just as the foreign policy debacles of Obama must be laid at Obama’s feet and the peace deals and low gas must ultimately be laid at the feet of the Trump administration, the sorrows of high prices, Afghanistan, and botched foreign policy we see now must lay at the feet of the democrats and the Biden administration.

How did Trump know? Because administrations, political affiliations, and the policies they espouse make a difference. They have consequences and they can affect things like gas prices.

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