Trooper Saves two men at crash scene

We all wonder what a hero looks like. Some think of a Superman, Batman, or the famed Captain America. While they make great cinematography we learn today what a real hero looks like.

On Tuesday, Colby Rohr, a trooper with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, rescued two men following a high-speed rollover crash, News On 6 reported.

Rohr, who is assigned to the Will Rogers Turnpike and based in Vinita, needed to make a trip to Oklahoma City prior to the incident.

While coming back on the Turner Turnpike in Creek County, he saw traffic slowing down ahead of his own vehicle.

A truck pulling a trailer apparently jackknifed and flipped in the moments before he arrived.

“When I ran around the vehicle, I could see through the windshield the two people and so the only way I could get to them was to climb up the side of the truck, down the bed and then luckily the doors were still operable,” Rohr explained.

One person posted on social media Traffic, including semis, was going crazy in all directions trying to shut down, but this man was on a rescue mission to save lives!” the user continued.

Meanwhile, Rohr said he felt thankful to be in the right place at the right time to assist those in need.

“I just tried to clear the road and help the people,” he added.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol also shared the photo and said neither of the occupants in the vehicle had a single scratch on their bodies:

What does a hero look like? Looks like officer Rohr and the countless other officers who defend our freedoms every day.

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