The Worst Places for Christians to live

The question is: are Christians being persecuted today? The answer is yes. We are seeing a repeat of what we saw in the days of Rome, just as that time was one of the worst persecution periods of Christians in history according to the World Watch List that was released by Open Doors. Christians face unfathomable violence today because of their faith. More than 360 million Christians live where there are extreme levels of persecution and unprecedented pushes for apocalyptic control  

In 2021 Watch list said there were 6,175 believers were arrested, detained without trial, imprisoned or sentenced. Also, 3,829 Christians were abducted and 5,898 Christians were killed because of their beliefs. In 2021, Christian killings increased a quarter above the 2020 number of 4,761. Sixteen people die every day for their belief in Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, 5,110 Churches and other buildings have been attacked as well because off their beliefs.

Open Doors said the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is the most dangerous country for Christians to live in. Christians are looked at as traitors to Islam. The country is 99 percent Muslim. Christians here are killed, tortured and or imprisoned.

North Korea in Asia is the second worst place for Christians to live because of communist and post-communist oppression. Their main religion is agnosticism. Any one in North Korea that follow Jesus and are caught are dealt with harshly.

They are at risk for imprisonment, brutal torture and death. Approximately 50,000 to 70,000 Christians are imprisoned in North Korea’s prisons and labor camps. Sometimes family members are in for the same treatment even if they don’t believe in Jesus.

The government is ruled by the Kim family and they believe that Christians are the most dangerous people, politically and otherwise. Their persecution in this country is also very violent and intense. North

Korean parents will hide their faith from their children hoping they may not be affected. Churches of more than a few people pretty much non-existent, and most worship that is done, is done in secret.

This is just the two top countries that are bad for Christians to live out of fifty.

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