The U.S. keeps ban on legal border crossing; lets illegals cross

The Biden administration has extended the Ban on “nonessential” travel along the Canadian and Mexican border to slow the spread of Covid-19. The department of Homeland Security said in a tweet it needed to do this “minimize” the spread of Covid and the delta variant.
DHS said it is working with public health and medical experts to determine how to “safely and sustainably resume normal travel.” While these travel restrictions have been in place since march of 2020, while allowing some commercial traffic to continue.
This all comes amidst revelations of the increasing border crisis; as president Biden seeks to admit more illegals into the country. Some have criticized the administration as bus loads of illegals being brought into Texas have been testing positive for covid. Many US border communities that are dependent on shoppers and visitors from Mexico and Canada have urged the Biden administration to lift the ban. Canada has opened their border to fully vaccinated US citizens to enter Canada.

Illegals being bused into a Texas city are testing positive for Covid

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