The Liberal idea of Utopia! Is it really beneficial?

There is one glaring difference between conservatives and far leftists or the modern day progressive liberal. That difference is the perception of utopia. Per Merriam-Webster dictionary the actual definition of utopia is “an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect.” We are going to discuss what the progressive left views as utopia and how the reality we live in will always crush the utopian views of our progressive friends.

When thinking of the utopian view our leftist friends have, it reminds me of the comments of Thomas Sowell. Watching his pure dismantling of progressives in debates and discussion, he consistently seems to ask them “then what”. What are the second and third order of effects of their utopian proposal? Most brush off the comment, others stand there or sit there in awe that they have no idea how to answer that. The reason that is the case, is because they come from the place that their “idea” is already valid just because it exists. The ideological difference is tied right to this.
The conservative (in general), believes in BIG R- God given Rights- Rights that are endowed by God and the governments only purpose is to keep out of the way of those Rights. The average human being is flawed, and the government is still made up of flawed people so limiting government keeps risk of misuse down.

The progressive, most I’ve run into are agnostic or atheistic, put their “faith” in the government. So, the government’s role is to be a greater good for humanity. Inevitably believing people are inherently good and with a little help from the government can be perfect.
I’ll give you an example of these differences. Free healthcare. That sounds great at face value, and to the minority of people struggling with a healthcare situation, it becomes an emotional topic that our progressive friends can leverage the “so you don’t care about people who need help?” or the “you just want those sick people to die” straw man they consistently throw to make you feel bad or try to take logical thought out of the equation. There are a bevy of emotional tugs that get thrown at us as conservatives. So, let’s look at what “free” healthcare would mean in reality, instead of the Utopia our leftist friends think it will be.

Good doctors will disappear-
Right now, the beauty of the free market is the ability for someone who has drive and motivation, they can excel in just about anything. When healthcare becomes “free” it will limit doctors pay (some up to 60%). Every plan proposed so far, specifically Bernie Sanders, proposes these type cuts. This means the best doctors will take their talents to other markets not regulated by the government to excel and make more money. The system then has lower quality healthcare in direct correlation the lower cost. Innovation also dies when government gets into anything. The healthcare system will be no different.

Taxes will increase substantially-
When you look at countries like the U.K. who have a form of universal healthcare, they took a huge tax hit in order to achieve it. Currently based on their tax tables, starting at £37k ($46k US) their tax rate jumps to 40% and then as income rises, tops out at 45%. Put that in perspective. In the U.S. if you make $23/hr., $9.20 goes to the government. Then 401k, state tax, etc… So, you get the point, almost half of what you earn disappears. Most estimates for the U.S. are in the $32-$35 TRILLION dollars over ten years. That’s a minimum of $2100/yr tax increase for every single working American in the country.

Your choice disappears-
The wounds of baby Charlie Ward in the UK are a recent example of how your choice disappears under universal healthcare. Of course, I will yield it is an extreme but inevitably, all the little choices that get taken away lead up to what we saw with baby Charlie. Charlie suffered from a disease called mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome. The doctors in the U.K. told the parents to prepare for the worst and that they were pulling the plug on baby Charlie because the doctors said it was not worth keeping him on life support. No hope. Keep in mind, the United States had several doctors say they could ship him to the states to try several new options. The family petitioned the government, and in the end, they ruled the U.K. doctors needed to be the last say. The family finally gave up the legal fight and they pulled the plug and baby Charlie was no more. This is the inevitable end of universal anything where the government owns the purse strings for care. They choose based on check boxes, who lives and who dies or who gets what care. That is a reality of universal anything that the government oversees.

Using these examples what does the “utopia” view of our progressive friends end up yielding? Ultimately, I would make the case, higher cost, less options and less freedom. Doctors time is not free, you can’t force them to work for less- (that’s called slavery). This leads to lower quality doctors in the field, higher cost to the citizen every day, and then when an emergency happens and you either have a condition, are older, or there is a bureaucratic or political precedent that can be set, you are in jeopardy of being ruled over by the government. Utopia turns into tyranny quickly in that situation.


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