The grave misunderstanding in progressive policies

When most people think of public policy they don’t think of human nature or spirituality. They think of politicians, and unfortunately these politicians many times are not thinking of human nature either when in enacting their public policy choices. 

Every person is comprised of three aspects our biological make up, our psychological, and our spiritual. Each of these plays a part in what makes us, us. They are also the driving factors in both our personal and societal  interactions.

One of the greatest failures in the political realm is the exclusion of the spiritual aspect to the human psyche. Treating people as merely physical beings with no regard to their spiritual makeup or aspiration’s will ensure and has ensured that policy makers miss some the most effective solutions to many of the disturbing problems we face.

One only need to look to liberal progressive hubs like San Francisco or other American cities that are governed by liberal progressive policy makers to see the evidence of this. These places reflect this profound misunderstanding of treating people as mere biological entities.

None of the problems of homelessness (living on the sidewalks), drug addiction (illegal, prescription, alcohol), mental illness (severe depression, schizophrenia, other psychotic disorders), criminality (from petty thievery to murder), antisocial behaviors (peeing and pooping in public), and other manifestations of a disordered and suffering human being can be ignored and require targeted intervention.

The progressive framework has been to throw money at these problems, build social welfare programs, change the laws so its no longer a crime to deprecate, or simply ignore it all together as it festers. While we definitely don’t need criminalize the homeless we must recognize that serious problems require targeted solutions and those solutions should take into account the fact of who we are mind, body, and soul.

Solutions are needed that are tailored to the human nature. The way God created us. Modular, flexible solutions with varying degrees of intensity, frequency, strength, and severity. Solutions that show a clearer understanding of human nature that drives to the depth of our soul and, above all, a radical acceptance of such nature — without fruitless idealism’s and platitudinous statements.

We need policy makers who don’t just throw money at a problem or create another social welfare program to take care of 5, 8, or 10 million homeless or drug addicted people, but we need politicians who will partner with faith based institutions, design public policies, and take the time to get at the core of the issues. So that they can effect real change

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