The First Presidential Debate

Let me start by saying the first time I watched the debate I thought it was an entree, fries and drink short of a full meal. It was chaotic and not well organized. However, when I watched it the second time, it was not quite as bad as the first time, or should I just say I got a lot more out of it the second time.

In the beginning, Chris Wallace said he made up the questions himself. Biden started interrupting first, during the first question. Biden said During the debate that he is the democrat party, that’s probably news to everyone. He certainly seems to be led by the radical left. Biden Said him and Obama were left with a terrible economy and they fixed it and then Trump ruined it. That is not true either! The fact is Trump had the economy booming at the lowest unemployment in history until covid-19. It was going great until Covid-19 and we know where that came from.

I’m really disappointed in Chris Wallace. It is a well-known fact he is a registered democrat and in opposition president Trump, but as a journalist he is supposed to be unbiased and fair despite his personal feelings. He was totally bias. He protected and coddled Biden and would not hardly give any slack to President Trump. He did not respect the debate or the office.

Vice President Biden stumbled over his words quite a bit, but I am surprised he made it through it. At one point he told President Trump to “shut up man” and he called Trump “a Clown” this shows absolutely no respect for the President of our country or the office itself or the debate for that matter. Biden also dodged every question flat out refusing to answer several questions. If he is not going to answer the questions; what is the point in the debate? There was one point when it was Chris Wallace and President Trump debating.

Chris interrupted the President when he was speaking on Obama care and then Biden looked in the camera and said he is going to take away your insurance and this is not true either. There is no available evidence that President Trump is planning to take away people’s insurance or that this has happened. President Trump said he has made things like insulin and prescription drugs much more affordable to make things affordable.

Chris Wallace asked if President Trump would do anything about white supremacy and He said “sure, I’d do what I have to”. Then after the debate there are people saying that Trump said he wouldn’t do anything about White supremacy and that is incorrect, I watched it twice and He said “sure, I’d do what I have to.”

Biden also said that Trump said negative things about vets and the military which was a story run by the Atlantic with no available evidence and only anonymous sources that cannot be verified by anyone. Trump has denied the claims along with over 25 people on the record denying such claims that can be verified, while at the same time Trumps record on military and vets prompting vets to come to his defense for all he has done for them.

Trump made several good points on opening the economy and the economy in general and I believe he will bring it back stronger than it was before. Biden and Dr. Fauci have made it clear that they would close the economy until late next year. That would totally ruin the economy and make Americans very poor and dependent on the Government.

Biden flip-flopped several times saying, he wasn’t for the new green deal and then he said he was. Which is it? President Trump said the forests need to be managed better so they do not burn. There are so many dead trees and leaves, no wonder they catch fire.
The income tax questions have no business in a debate. Who cares? The law was not broken so it should not have been an issue what either candidate pays in income tax. Also, almost every question directed at President Trump was done an almost accusatory manner.

While both candidates got heated, talked over each other, and slung insulting comments at each other. Since this was pretty much a major mud-slinging match. The question is who you want to run this country. Trump said the democrat party want to move us socialist/Marxist. Biden did not deny that claim but said he is the party the party is him right now and he will in essence be able to control his party from going socialist. Either way one thing is sure it will mean more taxes from us and most likely removal of the present Tariffs on China no longer making it closer to a level playing field but giving China a huge advantage.

Trump/Pence are one hundred percent about this country, how it was founded, fairness, and equality to the American people. President Trump Gave up his wages, lost millions of dollars on his companies to come help America and the American people.

While the first debate was theatrical, argumentative, and devoid of much needed content. Leaving the viewer devoid of much satisfaction. It left us where we were which is the same place before the debate stuck realizing most of our opinions would not change in the absence of such childish display, and ultimately the choice is left to each one to sift through the rubble of argumentative debris to find some nuggets of truth so the voter may decide for themselves. The ball is in your court America you must choose and choose wisely.



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