The Daily Brief wants to give you a $20 gift card

Gear up because starting in December we are doing our monthly 30 day social media share-marathon. We will do it in December and January for your chance to win a $20 gift card.

What you need to do:
Simply for 30 days share at least one article (old or new) a day to your social media platform(s). Starting on the first of that month. At the conclusion you will send us your social media link gab, twitter, facebook, parler, etc. We will enter you in for the drawing to win $20.

(1.) Sharing more than one article a day does not increase your chances to win
(2.) Must share minimum 1 article a day for 30 days in the months of December of 2021 and January of 2022
(3.) The Daily Brief must be able to see the posts clearly and visibly and able to count all posts which must total 30 articles, in 30 posts, on 30 separate days.
(4.) Participant must send an email to with their information in order to enter the drawing. Information needed to send the gift card name and address.
(5.) You also agree when signing up that we can send you email updates, breaking stories, and future share-marathons or other events in order to win money and prizes.



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