Student Loan forgiveness: “Not legal” says lawyers

According to many lawmakers Biden’s move to cancel student loan debt was actually unconstitutional. While many might like the idea of getting something while other people are stuck paying the bill for you the question remains is it legal?

Even Nancy Pelosi said last year that Biden doesn’t have the authority to cancel student debt. Yet Biden made a public announcement saying he’s canceling $20K in student debt for federal borrowers. Lawmakers are asking Pelosi to stand by her words and hold Biden accountable.

The issue is one of constitutionality while the democrats and Biden seem to be extending their reach and grabbing more power even if their past statements run contrary to common practice or legal understanding.

Trumps administration after an exhaustive study concluded that the president can not which they published in a memo saying Congressional approval is needed

Some are criticizing how this is an illegal political act by Democrats before the midterms desperate for a win in order to retain their political power in the midst of a failing economy.

Former education secretary Betsy DeVos called the move 100% illegal.



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