Several cities requiring V-Passports in order to enter businesses

More and more localities are pushing or mandating restrictions in order to enjoy your life. We have listed some of these localities and what and when they are doing these restrictions.

These are some of the cities that are mandating vaccinations, or you will not be able to go to restaurants, gyms, or bars:

Starting on August 20, 2021 San Francisco, CA will be the first city to start this mandate fully. New York city has a mandate that will be beginning soon, but it requires only proof of a partial vaccination. Also, they will not really be enforced until September 13th.

Los Angeles is requiring a vaccine ordinance be drawn up per the city council. They are going to require proof of vaccination to enter restaurants, bars and other entertainment places.

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New Orleans is supposed to announce a vaccine requirement to enter restaurants, bars and the Caesars Super-dome where NFL games are played.

Some are saying the mandates are good and others are against the mandates because they are taking away the freedom to choose. The government should not even be involved in suspending our civil liberties and constitutional rights in order to buy, sell, or trade. This sets a dangerous precedent for the rights of every American and freedoms we hold so dear.

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  1. Unknown

    Jewish had to wear a badge in Nazi occupied countries this country is doing the same thing with their vaccine passports removing people’s right to choose you do not have the right to dictate other people’s Health decision


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