Senator Ted Cruz calls out Biden’s hypocrisy

Recently on the “Mike Gallagher Show” Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) stated that the White Houses position on inflation has flip flopped. He pointed out the fact that the administration claimed there wasn’t a problem, then claiming its only a high class problem, to now saying that it is all Russia’s fault. 

Cruz said, “If you look at the crisis we’re facing, the war in Europe, the war in Ukraine is the direct result of policy mistakes made by Joe Biden. And the inflation that is racking this economy is, likewise, the direct result of policy mistakes made by Joe Biden. Ukraine, Putin invaded, number one, because of Biden’s disastrous withdrawal in Afghanistan, the weakness that showed encouraged every enemy on earth. And number two, specifically, because Biden waived the sanctions on Nord Stream 2, the natural gas pipeline that Putin was building from Russia to Germany.”


He went on to say, “Now, let’s be clear, Putin is a thug and the reason Putin is advancing is because Biden has been weak and surrendered to Putin. But when it comes to inflation, this White House has been utterly incoherent. For months, they said inflation is not a problem, not a problem at all. Then they said inflation is a high-class problem. … Then they said, so talking point number three was, inflation is good. It shows just how great the economy’s doing. They realized that didn’t work. So, here’s talking point four, inflation’s bad, but we had nothing to do with it. It was all Putin.”



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