Schumer Compares Ketanji’s confirmation to Christ’s Resurrection

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) recently commemorated this past Easter Sunday by making the proclamation that judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation to the supreme court was similar to the resurrection of Jesus Christ during his speech at the A.R. Bernard’s Christian Cultural Center church in New York City. He rallied against former president Donald Trump and spoke on identity politics and race.

The controversial judge Ketanji Brown Jackson who has come under fire for arguing in 2009 that the federal sentencing guidelines for child porn are too severe and who was during the Obama administration appointed by Obama to “US Sentencing Commission” where she openely weakened some of those sentencing policies for child pornographers. 





Schumer went on to say, “Justice Ketanji’s confirmation to the Supreme Court serves as a reminder that “even in the darkest times, there are bright lights,” Schumer said. “And this month, folks, we witnessed one of the brightest that we hope is a metaphor, an indication, a good omen of more bright lights to come, the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice KBJ.” Echoing the sentiment of many democrats in congress. That this event is tantamount in Schumer’s words to the very resurrection of God the Christ himself. 



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