School closures resulted in school choice boom

During the pandemic we saw many schools close and the failure of many of those to reopen during the 2020 ad 2021 school years created a boom of support for school choice.

As parents saw the Covid rates wane over the two years and many public officials keeping schools closed and even many businesses began to reopen their doors, they still remained closed.

Despite the lower rate of transmission or severeness in children, many school official refused to open their doors back up for the children or insisted on authoritarian dictates  



Well this type of policy behavior is causing parents to reexamine their own policy choices and the right of a parent to choose where his/her child learns.

According to a “Real Clear Opinion” poll it was found that there has been a 10 percentage point increase nationwide; in support for school choice. Which rose from 64% in April of 2020 to 74% approval in 2021.

This has caused massive policy changes. According to data from the American Federation for Children, a nonprofit organization advocating for school choice policies, at least 19 states passed legislation establishing or expanding school choice programs in 2021.

While most of these legislative victories and pushes have been seen in several states, they have mostly only been seen in Republican controlled states.


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