Salt Lake Tribune Editorial Board calls for banning of unvaxed

In a recent editorial from the Salt Lake Tribune Which criticized the Supreme court ruling on the vaccine or test rule for workplaces of more than 100 workers in which the Supreme Court struck it down. Saying the president was attempting to “pull a couple of useful levers by ordering vaccine mandates..”

While they had some accolades for Biden it wasn’t all roses saying there was “lots of blame to go around.”

The board then criticized the president, stating, “Not that Biden is blameless in all this.”
“Seeing the obvious reluctance of so many people to get, or to require, vaccinations has only now moved him to push to make tests and the most effective kind of masks available to everyone. It’s the right thing to do, but months late,” the article read.

According to the article:
Were Utah a truly civilized place, the governor’s next move would be to find a way to mandate the kind of mass vaccination campaign we should have launched a year ago, going as far as to deploy the National Guard to ensure that people without proof of vaccination would not be allowed, well, anywhere. But it may be too late for that, politically and medically.

While the Salt Lake Tribune editorial board has calls for the National Guard to enforce a police state on the unvaccinated. So, that they would have to show a vaccine passport as proof to be able to move around, they failed to neglect Biden’s immigration policies that put people in danger. While Biden and elected Democrats have continued to impose vaccine mandates on American citizens, they have routinely exempted illegal aliens from such requirements.

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