Ron DeSantis: Why Conservatives Like Him and Liberals Don’t

It is no wonder to this conservative why so many conservatives admire the no B.S. approach that Ron DeSantis takes when dealing with the media. Ron is everything that President Trump is and what he isn’t. As a Florida resident, I also am very glad that he happens to be my governor. Let’s discuss 3 things that make him a great representative of conservatives and a formidable opponent to what is now a full-blown bias mainstream media.
1. Political Instinct- Like Trump, DeSantis has a very good political instinct which will do him well, especially if he runs for national office (Hint, Hint, Mr. DeSantis). An example is Trump with his instincts with the terrorists, where showing power and strength to get results. DeSantis has the same demeanor about him.

2. Liberty Driven- One of the most admirable and genuine things that people gravitated to President Trump on, wasn’t his policies, it was his unbridled approach to liberty and freedom. He was the first president in decades that hadn’t created some new governing body to further limit American’s freedoms.

DeSantis has that same intent. He genuinely wants Americans (specifically Floridians) to have the opportunity to do and choose for themselves what’s right for their situations. As seen in the COVID pandemic. When compared apples to apples, DeSantis’ Florida, was only in the top 3 in one category, cases (3rd). Severely outperforming his counterparts in New York, New Jersey, California and Michigan.

States who had constitutionally challenging restrictions on their citizens. The one to really look out for though is the Deaths by 100k which is much more accurate and relative to the population size. In that one, Florida was 22nd. Middle of the pack. To put this in comparison, New York has less population and New Jersey as well, and they both were almost 50% higher in deaths per 100k. Freedom works and DeSantis provided the example and it was successful.

3. Taking it to the Media- For far too long, the democrat machine and the media have just threatened to invoke some “ism” on conservatives to get them to back off. Racism, sexism, whatever they can stick an “ism” behind to get you to submit to their narrative. The good ole “have you stopped beating your wife” comment that has nothing to do about your wife, just a response from you defending a position that had no credence but gets you on the record accepting the premise and answering the question. Not Ron DeSantis (or Trump).

If it is bogus on its face, it is challenged and called out. Right now this GOP needs that and to be honest it has thrown the media for a loop. They don’t know what to do other than try to find some other “ism”. Like in this response by the Governor to the hit piece by the Associate Press on “favoritism”, trying to imply that a doner to a committee that support DeSantis happens to be a stakeholder in a COVID treatment. The premise of the validity of the treatment is not even mentioned by the press. The lives it would save or help. The Blazes’ Chris Pandolfo wrote a great summary.

All this to say that there is something to like in the Florida Governor. As Dan Bongino states, there are no “golden calf’s here”, he is subject to the same grilling on things he may do wrong or at least that require scrutiny, but this conservative (and Floridian) is grateful for a Republican with some teeth who is not afraid to call out the political grandstanding and ridiculousness of the media.



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