Ron DeSantis tells Joe Biden allow our unvaccinated military to return

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis posted on Monday that the President has declared the pandemic over lets let our military get back to serving and defending. Biden’s remarks which come just weeks ahead of the midterm elections are definitely an interesting time to declare it officially done.

Although many Americans have already moved on and begun to live their lives even before this announcement. Millions of Americans have grown weary of the democrats attempts to force Americans to wear masks and get unwanted medical procedures.


In fact, the Supreme Court dealt a massive blow to the president’s latter attempt earlier this year, knocking down Biden’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandate, which would have affected tens of millions of American workers

Even former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called out Biden after Biden’s admission that the pandemic is over. Since the Biden administration has kicked tens of thousands of healthy patriotic soldiers out the military over the covid vaccine mandate.





The Pentagon has expelled tens of thousands of troops who have not complied with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s vaccine mandate which was issued in August of 2021. The Pentagon to make up the difference has lowered the recruitment standards.

Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) said in a statement, “And now, after the Pentagon has tried, and failed, to make up the difference by reducing recruitment standards, over 100,000 active servicemembers—who taxpayers paid to train—face discharge during the worst recruiting year in our military’s history,”



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