Rick Scott: Democrats the “Anti-Democracy party” Video

According to an interview on Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Night America” Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) spoke out against the Democrats efforts to end the filibuster in order to ram through an election bill that would essentially ensure they retain power.

Scott argued that the Democratic Party has become “the anti-democracy party” because they want to “cheat” to win elections and get their way.

“It is just about Democrats winning elections,” Scott emphasized. “If you look at the Democrat Party now, they are the ones that are anti-democracy. They talk about packing the Supreme Court. They don’t want you to show your I.D. to vote. I got on a flight this morning, and I had to show my I.D. to get on the plane. And that’s OK. But for the sacred right to vote, we don’t have to have that. And by the way, your signatures don’t have to match if you use mail-in, and, oh gosh, we want to use that ballot harvesting so we can pick and choose what ballots get in. And the ballot boxes un-monitored — that would be good because that would help us cheat. So what the Democrat Party is — they are the anti-democracy party. That’s exactly what they’ve become.”

He added, “They are frustrated because they can’t do all these things by themselves.”

The push definitely shows the democrats wish to by pass not only a longstanding rule in the senate but they don’t want the democratic process of having to pass by a larger majority to take place in the political debate



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