Professor exposed for defending pedophilia

Many know of the push to normalize by the left obscene practices in our society and culture. Well another liberal professor was exposed for pushing one of the most repugnant and vile practices.

Professor Stephen Kershnar is a professor at New York’s Fredonia University and apparently a pedophilia apologist.

In a recent video Kershnar is quoted on video saying that he doesn’t see anything wrong with a 12 year old girl having sex with an adult male. He even went as far as to say calling it wrong is a “mistake.”

If that wasn’t bad enough the professor even defends the notion of having sex with a one year old. He says, “The notion that it’s wrong even with a one-year-old is not quite obvious to me.” He goes on. “I don’t think it’s blanket wrong at any age.”

He reasons that children can consent to sex just as they can decide whether they want to play kickball or participate in a bar mitzvah so therefor in his mind sex with minors is permissible.

He even argues that we often make children do things they don’t want to do, like “go to church” or “go to temple” or “go to their sister’s ballet recital.”

This seasoned professor who unfortunately is shaping the minds of students also wrote a book “Pedophilia and Adult-Child Sex: A philosophical analysis” in 2015. The grotesque and utterly offensive lengths these professors will go to push liberal and in this case vile ideology is scary. Children and college students should be able to go to school to learn and not have a disgusting and warped personal view from as sick individual pushed on them. How this man is still teaching is simply unfathomable.

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