President Trumps rally and his honest words for Biden

President Donald Trump held his 4th post President rally Saturday night in Cullman, Alabama. One of the issues he spoke about was Biden’s failed Afghanistan withdrawal.
He said “I warned the entire country about the disastrous consequences of a Biden Presidency. Another issue is the border crisis and how Biden would get rid of the borders during the pandemic, and he did that”

He also said, “I predicted that he would unleash a wave of violent crime that would turn our cities into a nightmare of killing and bloodshed.”

Continuing he said “Biden failed totally on the pandemic and he’s now overseeing the greatest foreign policy humiliation in the history of the United States of America. This is the greatest humiliation I’ve ever seen.”

He spoke of Bidens failed exit in Afghanistan saying “it’s the most astonishing display of gross incompetence by a Nations leader.” Biden has been avoiding media questions [since he] let the Taliban quickly take over Afghanistan.

He also spoke about how there’s weakness in the White House and how when he was President he portrayed strength which is important in a leader. Trump continues to say this would not have happened this way. I know Trump would not have put up with it.
At one point he asked “let me ask you: do you think that General Patton was Woke? I don’t think so, he was the opposite.

Do you know what Woke means? It means you’re a loser! Everything woke turns to crap.”
Trump has been consistent in standing for Law and order, America and American’s, and Patriotic Conservative Ideals.



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