Pope Francis decries Russia’s aggression

Pope Francis met with a delegation of Orthodox Christians from the Patriarchate of Constantinople on Thursday in which he condemned Russia’s war against Ukraine.

The Pope said, “our concern must not be for talking and discussing, but for weeping, for helping others and for experiencing conversion ourselves.”

He went on to say, ”We need to weep for the victims and the overwhelming bloodshed, the deaths of so many innocent people, the trauma inflicted on families, cities and an entire people,” he continued. “How much suffering has been endured by those who have lost their loved ones and been forced to abandon their homes and their own country!”

He talked about the need for non-violence saying, “Jesus told his disciples to reject violence, to put the sword back in its place, since those who live by the sword will die by the sword”

He talked about how must work towards peace and examine our hearts to decide what kind of world we want to live in. Words pointed right at Putin and his actions saying, “And what contribution are we prepared to make even now towards a more fraternal humanity?”

While he spoke directly to Putin and the “Russian aggression” he addressed the Christian community telling them they must avoid turning God into a “…god of our own ideas..” Saying we must throw off worldly agendas and our churches speak and operate in “accordance” with the Gospel’s bold “message.” of “peace.”

The question remains is Putin listening?









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