Poll finds a growing lack of confidence in Bidens economy

According to a Rasmussen poll majority of those surveyed believe that the economy will be weaker one year from now.

According to Rasmussen:
Views about the economy and the stock market are generally correlated. Among Americans who believe the economy will be strong a year from now, 65% expect the stock market to be higher. Similarly, among those who expect the economy to be weaker in a year, 85% think the stock market will be lower.

Older Americans are more likely than those under 40 to believe the economy will be weaker a year from now.
Black Americans (36%) are more likely than whites (30%) or other minorities (24%) to expect the economy will be stronger a year from now.

The survey which is said to have an error margin of +/- 3 percent showed that A majority of Americans, 47 percent, said the economy will be “weaker,” compared to 29 percent who said “stronger,” 15 percent who said “about the same,” and 9 percent who remain unsure.

Democrats are the exception, as 48 percent believe the economy will be “stronger” one year from now, compared to 26 percent who say “weaker.” A majority of Republicans, 71 percent, and a plurality of independents, 47 percent, believe the economy will be “weaker.”

This is in stark contrast to president Trumps robust economy which record growth in job creation and consumer sentiment. At the same time consumer sentiment in the economy is faltering, Biden’s approval rating is hitting an all time low of his presidency.

Full Rasmussen poll can be accessed here:

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