Plastic Shields and Barriers: what does the science say???

There are plexiglass barriers that are up everywhere, in stores, gas stations, restaurants, and schools, etc…It is being said that they might be totally ineffective and possible could actually be spreading the virus more easily according to the New York Times.

The studies are inconclusive according to scientists and researchers. But according to the New York times possible current evidence shows barriers could make the virus more transmissible. They said that research shows that instead of the air replenishing with these barriers the viral particles can build up and become worse. They said” there are times when they may help but that would depend on the variables.”

According to Lindsey Marr, a Professor of Civil and environmental engineering at Virginia Tech “Plastic barriers in classrooms would create aerosol traps that increase viral transmissions.” Marr said “a lot of barriers in a room can interfere with proper ventilation in that room.”

There is no conclusive evidence for or against them being effective!

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