Persecution – are Christians safe anywhere?

In the last article I wrote about the top two worst places for Christians to live per the Open Doors Watchlist. Today I will show you the next two worst places for Christians to live.

The number three worst place for Christians is in Somalia which is in Africa. The main religion here is Islam and there is a lot of clan oppression. Somalia has been a safe place for Islamic militants for a long time and they frequently target Christians their and other close countries. Most of the Christian believers in Somalia are converts from Islam.

Christians are pressured by their families. If officials know or suspect a person has converted to Christianity they can be harassed and even murdered. This territory is controlled by groups like al-Shabab and Christians are largely targeted by them. Christians are not safe here even during things like the Covid pandemic. They do not stop.

Number four is Libya. Libya is in Africa as well. The main religion here is Islam and is beat down by Islamic oppression. People that abandon Islam to become a Christian they receive unbelievable pressure from their families to renounce Jesus as their savior.  Their community shuns them, and they can be made homeless and jobless, very much alone.

If they share their faith they can be reported, arrested and receive extreme punishment. This country does not have a central government so laws are not enforced uniformly, which leave Christians wide open for public persecution and possible executions. So, Christians here like other places must live their faith in secret.

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