Pelosi’s husband buys into big tech stock ahead of congressional bill

Nancy Pelosi’s husband purchased stock in big tech companies, 11 million dollars’ worth just before a bill is brought before the house reigning in the big tech companies. My oh my, doesn’t that sound suspect? Kind of like they probably knew that the bill was coming in. They bought stock in Google, Amazon, Apple, and tech manufacture Nvidia. Apparently shortly after that the House passed anti-trust bills for Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook. If anyone else in congress or in the government especially republicans did that, they would have them arrested or removed at the very least. These Democratic double standards are something else.
They go after trump for trivial little things, and they have no consequences for allegedly knowingly buying stock in companies they knew were going to get reigned in and make them a lot of money. The House did pass the bills. Pelosi says she did not know her husband was doing that. I cannot imagine any spouse not knowing that their spouse is spending $11 million dollars. Is $11 million dollars such a small amount of money to them that they do not talk about spending to each other. These kinds of purchases have happened before. He has already gotten double back from a purchase of stock in the Alphabet company which is a parent company of google. He bought $4.8 million in stocks and has already gotten $10 million back.



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