Patriot gathering using a church building chant “Let’s Go Brandon”

Texas patriots in San Antonio at Cornerstone Church were caught on video chanting, “Let’s Go Brandon!” during a conference last week.

The “Reawaken America Tour” conference was held at the church on Thursday and Friday which promptly sold out, in which over 3,500 people attended the event in solidarity against the onslaught of immorality and Marxism in our country.

There have been reports that this took place during a Sunday church service which is gross miss-characterization. While it was held in a “church building” it was not held during a church service. This miss-characterization of this patriot fueled gathering of was spread around by tweets like this labeling an outside crowed as “Churchgoers.”

This was a mixed crowed of outsiders who paid to use the facility for an event that is being held around the country in various venues.
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  1. Debra Carrico

    That’s Hagees church isn’t it? San Antonio? Well wherever it is, I don’t feel church is a place to spread this. We know what the original sentence is. This is not spreading live through parishioners. This is a place to discuss scripture. Good against evil and how God wants us to handle it. My thoughts


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