Ottawa Declares state of emergency over Trucker protest

Contrary to other media outlets who are saying that the Convoy is over or Truckers have won. The convoy is far from over and the battle is far from done as a matter of fact, the mayor of Ottawa, Jim Watson has declared a state of emergency in the Canadian city over the Freedom Convoy trucker protest.

Watson who has come out and declared the protest a “serious danger and threat” in a statement.

The grave threat to the capital and people is apparently so terrible they are arresting people and seizing fuel. Whats so bad well see the video below.

It was so terrible they even had a Sunday morning church service. Peacefully worshiping God before beginning the day.

Compare this with BLM protests or an occupy wall street in which people were raped, buildings destroyed, and lives lost. Yet the government supported BLM with Justin Trudeau even kneeling with BLM. Yet these people (Truckers Protesting) have been labeled racists and dangerous. 

n these protests, you can see something that has been missing from the world for a while with the oppression of the government over the pandemic — that’s joy and celebration. People celebrating and championing freedom, the way all the world wants to. It’s this that has been so little valued by those in power the last couple of years. It’s this that they have so abused for their own power and purposes.

The government is now cracking down on the Truckers convoy. The Ottawa police have announced that anyone providing “material support” to the protesters, such as gas etc. could be subject to arrest as well. A totalitarian 1984 state crackdown on any dissenters.

One thing you can not stop is peoples desire to be free. The Canadian people are standing strong for freedom.

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