Oregon health committee wants permanent mask rule

While statewide mask mandates have come and gone in states from the onset of the pandemic till now. Oregon’s Democratic Gov. Kate Brown and health officials seek to change that in Oregon.

Gov. Brown went as far as to implement a mask mandate even outdoors requiring individuals to wear a mask in “all public outdoor settings where physical distancing is not possible, regardless of vaccination status.” That took effect August 27, with officials lifting it right before Thanksgiving.

Even today as we near Christmas and with almost 2 years after the beginning of the pandemic Oregon still has an indoor mask requirement in place, but that mandate is set to expire in February. According to KGW, “Oregon health leaders wants to be able to switch to a permanent rule before then.”

The outlet reported:

“The permanent rule can still be ended once the COVID-19 pandemic recedes to a safe level, but it can remain in place indefinitely in the meantime and won’t expire prematurely while case numbers are still dangerously high.”

Even with Gov. Browns non-stop mask mandates and the state is reporting higher daily per capita average cases of Covid (19 per capita) compared to Florida’s 7 per capita. This is astonishing when one considers Florida never had a statewide mask mandate.

Oregon’s current mask requirement extends to “indoor spaces,” which are defined as “anywhere indoors, including but not limited to public and private workplaces, businesses, indoor areas open to the public, building lobbies, common or shared spaces, classrooms, elevators, bathrooms, transportation services and other indoor space where people may gather for any purpose.”

The rule also states “An indoor space does not include a private residence or a private automobile being used for personal use and that is not used for ride sharing services.”

Some have criticized the democratic governor for allowing what some see as a tyrannical hand, handed down through mandates. The dangers cementing such stringent restrictions upon the people especially with the availability of vaccines and therapeutics that these types of actions set a dangerous precedent on for the freedoms we hold so dear

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