New York city officials – no end in site to vaccine mandates

On Friday, the city’s new health commissioner, Ashwin Vasan, said he did not have any specific timeline in mind for when the city would lift the private-sector vaccine requirement.

Even though we are two years in to the pandemic New York City seems to be heading down the path of indefinite vaccine mandates for private sector employees. City officials are still forcing children to wear masks  

When asked about this Vasan even admitted that the city is in a low risk state now and saying there’s no data point he can draw from to make a determination. Saying, “I would love to sit here and say I can give you a date or a data point to say when we would lift those things. Right now, we are in a low-risk environment and we will continue to evaluate that data.”

When asked specifically whether the city had any metrics in mind, Vasan said, “I think it’s indefinite at this point.”

“People who have tried to predict what will happen in the future for this pandemic have repeatedly found egg on their face, as they say,” he added, “And I’m not going to do that here today.”

When asked whether the city had any intention to lift school mask mandates for children under five-years-old, Vasan said, “We’ll keep evaluating whether that mandate should stay in place, and right now we think it should stay in place.”

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