Naivety, incompetence, or just plain endangerment? Taliban gets a list of American names

The Biden Administration provided a list of names of the Americans and Afghan allies in Afghanistan to the Taliban. White House officials have stated that giving them the list is saving lives and they wanted the Taliban to know who was coming to the airport so they can let them in. Are they kidding? we are talking about the Taliban, the people that are responsible for so many deaths. They are terrorists, they have a history of brutally killing and torturing people.

These people kill Afghans, Americans and anyone else that gets in their way or is not a part of their sick group and their sick thinking. They rape, torture and kill women and girls and torture and kill men.

We have been told that this list was given to speed up the evacuation of thousands of Americans. Biden made a deal with the Taliban, agreeing to the date the Taliban set for evacuation which in itself is totally ridiculous. Do they think that the Taliban is going to work with them? They hate America and everyone in it.

The Biden Administration pulled out troops and then when total chaos erupted and the country was overrun by the Taliban, they started getting very few people out. No thought or planning went into this failed mission.

When this first started Biden said he was not going to do anything about it. It wasn’t until he got backlash that he finally did something if you can call the little bit he did, something. He caused all of this to happen because he doesn’t know what he’s doing, or does he?? But either way Biden caused it and because of him a lot of people are injured and dead including 13 Soldiers.

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