Murder Rate Skyrocketed in Democrat Controlled Cities In 2020

2020 was possibly the worst one-year increase in murders ever recorded. We saw the murder rates rise in places like New Orleans, Kansas City, Dallas and many other Democratically controlled cities during 2020.

As of December 2020, police listed 174 murders in Mayor Quinton Lucas’s (D) democratically controlled Kansas City, Missouri. This is up from 151 in 2019.

The New Orleans city government indicated on their crime dashboard that there were 185 homicides in Mayor LaToya Cantrell’s (D) New Orleans from January through to December 30th 2020, an increase of 61 murders over the 124 witnessed in 2019.

Washington DC’s police department shows 198 homicides in May in democrat mayor Muriel Bowsers D.C. for 2020 which is an increase of 32 homicides from 166 in 2019.

By December 2020, Atlanta police department recorded 154 murders in democratically controlled mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms Atlanta, which is a 62% increase up from 95 the same time in 2019.

Dallas police department as of December 29, 2020 stated there had been 262 murders in mayor Eric Johnson’s (D) Dallas, which is a 24.17% increase from the 211 murders in 2019.

In Chicago alone there were 768 murders ironically in Chicago a place with some extremely strict gun laws, controlled by democrats; currently democratic mayor Lori Lightfoot and yet still a skyrocketing homicide rate. Compare that with the fact that according to the Chicago Tribune there was 491 homicides in 2019. That means in 2020 the year of lockdowns, mask mandates, and coronavirus the murder rate in in Chicago spiked 56%

By December of 2020, Jeff Asher from Crimealytics had reported other spikes in the murder rates in other cities such as Minneapolis, Boston, Milwaukee, and many others. The final national murder update of 2020 showed that murders were up 36.7% in 57 agencies with data through at least September (though most have data through November). Murder is up in 51 of 57 agencies reporting and overall murder was up more than 30% in democratically controlled cities.



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