Michigan parents upset over recent lock down measures

According to reports parents in Michigan say their children are being forced to undergo mandatory quarantines.

Information obtained shows that Brighton Area Schools, a district in suburban Detroit, is requiring students under the age of 12 to quarantine for 14 days if they are exposed to a COVID-positive student, according to a letter from the district’s superintendent.

On Nov. 1, Brighton Area Schools announced that they waived mandatory quarantines for most middle and high school students, though not for students in sixth grade or below. Despite evidence that schools pose few transmission risks.

According to the district’s correspondence, deciding whether to waive quarantines for younger students will be contingent on “the availability of vaccines for the 5–11-year-old population.”

According to documents obtained all classes went virtual due to the rise in Covid cases. The closure which the County health department says, they are free to make their own rules regarding quarantine testing and masking policies.

While officials are yoyoing kids educational time span studies have shown that schools are not a large vector for transmission.

While schools don’t seem to drivers of infection school closures do seem to be hurting disproportionately minority students. A study of 4.4 million students found that test scores of black, Hispanic, and poor children took the biggest hit with students not being in school.



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