Michigan Congress Votes to End Extra Unemployment Benefits

The Michigan house voted last week to end the $300 weekly unemployment benefit 59-49. The Senate passed the bill on Thursday June 24, 2021. When it hits Gov. Whitmer’s desk, it is expected that she will veto the bill. A lot of other states have ended the extra weekly benefit.

Republicans believe that this extra money is an incentive for people not to work. Governor Whitmer is working on expanding a program where employees when hired would keep their unemployment benefits. She thinks the shortage of workers is due to a lack of daycare.

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The extra $300 weekly in unemployment benefits is set to discontinue on September 4, 2021. The new bill if it doesn’t get vetoed would start on July 31, 2021. Also, Michigan did discontinue job search requirements in March but that has been reinstated now as of May 30, 2021. People must show proof that they are searching for work weekly.

So many businesses have been hit so hard from the pandemic and employees are needed just about everywhere as more and more places are reopening.



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