Marxism Walking to the Slaughter

What is Marxism? Marxism originated from the works of 19th century German philosophers Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels and is a social, political, and economic philosophy. It examines the effect of capitalism productivity, and economic development and argues for a worker revolution to overturn capitalism in favor of communism. It focuses on the struggle between capitalists and the working class.

Karl Marx believed that this conflict would ultimately lead to a revolution in which the working class would overthrow the capitalist class and seize control of the economy. Sound familiar?  Marxism is a political and economic theory where a society has no classes at all. Communism and socialism are both types of governments or theoretical governments born from Marxism.

In America we have a capitalist system which allows for more than just two classes, and has shown that the middle class it creates can be a powerhouse for the economy, as evidenced by the American experiment. Through the experiment of America,we have an upper class, middle class (which has an upper middle and a lower middle) and the poor.

Through capitalism there is ample evidence of the ability to go from poor to middle class with greater opportunity, than what Marxist/socialist economy would create. The idea of a Marxist utopia ends up creating the very thing they claim to hate, a powerful upper class, no middle class and everyone else is poor. The middle class is taken out and the middle class and the poor all end up just being poor. We would lose everything. We are literally walking to the slaughter and I do not take that statement lightly. Wake up people and look around with open eyes and an open heart.

Those that control the corporations exploit workers and control society. Sound familiar? The goal supposedly was that the workers would eventually rise up and everyone would be the same but as we have seen in America today and in China and other countries, those in power like the radical leftists and big tech and these other countries love power and money and will do everything they can to bring the people down and stay in power. They take away rights. They strip us down and use fear as their weapon to make people submit to there every whim and before you know it, no rights, no money, no homes, and no dignity… The pandemic was used for this purpose. Who is benefiting from it? It certainly is not the people. It’s benefiting the State leaders and people in the federal government, the media and big tech. Who’s getting rich and who is getting poorer? Federal representatives, state representatives, media and big tech are getting rich while middle class and others are losing their businesses, their homes, etc.. permanently that they worked hard to obtain.

Communism and capitalism are polar opposites. To get rid of capitalism, Socialist/communist governments in theory, pay their workers according to their abilities and then redistribute those means, according to the needs of the many. This gives the government sole control over every aspect of its citizens lives. The end result is the government owns the means of production, owns the economy and by proxy owns everyone within the system. Is this what Americans want for America? I know I don’t!  I want America to run on the principles it was founded on.

Rights come from God, not government

All political power emanates from the people

Limited representative republic

Written Constitution

Private Property Rights

What do you want?

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