Mandates removed in UK

All Covid mandates have been removed in England. They have pulled Covid passports, mask mandates and work restrictions to include work from home guidance. The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson made an announcement recently. Prime Minister Johnson also stated that the rules for self – isolation might be thrown out at the end of March as well. They are looking at the CCP Pandemic as becoming an endemic.

The government has stated they are not asking people to work from home any longer. They also are not renewing other mandates for clubs, etc. when they expire. Masks are no longer required in schools, etc. If you are positive for Covid the normal isolation will still be required but that, is it.

They are still checking out the testing arrangements for travelers and there will be a follow up on that when a decision has been made. They are however still requiring health care workers to get vaccinated, that will not change the UK government has stated.
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