Largest Inflation Jump Since 2008 Takes White House by Surprise

Cecilia Rouse White House Chair of the Council of Economic Advisors said that the Federal Reserve was also “a bit surprised by the jump.”

Arguing that part of the jump in consumer prices was a result of a month-to-month spike in used car sales. While used car sales have gone up 21 percent from this time last year and are up 10 percent in April compared to March.

Although in a down economy used car sales go up while new car prices usually go down. This weird turn of recessionary logic that has been defied by an administration that has seen staggering job losses and problematic economic numbers. Is another indicator that the Biden policies could be “slowing” the economic recovery.

Rouse went on to Say, “We know that because of the American Rescue Plan, people were buying cars because many people were afraid of taking public transit, which is not good either,” Rouse said.

She told reporters to that we should expect some choppiness in the economic reports as the country continues to recover from the pandemic. She also cited how the airlines have increased their ticket prices 10 percent ahead of summer travel plans.

The unfortunate reality is if the Biden administration and people like doctor Fauci continue to signal that we could be wearing masks, social distancing, and as well limited activities until possibly 2022 ties the recovery to the word of political fiat not to vaccine distribution or herd immunity.

Rouse said, “We’ve never had a recession that was not tied to a problem in the economy but that was tied to a health problem,” While it is tied to a health problem “the virus” the vaccine is out, and millions of Americans have gotten the vaccine on top of millions getting the virus and recovering which you would think would move us closer to an active economic status. Yet the administration keeps signaling that if you are vaccinated to still do as you did before.

This can cause deep economic uncertainty as well as problematic consumer confidence. Which is what Rouse said, saying, “And so there’s even uncertainty about the recovery because our recovery is hitched to the virus.”

As for the virus and the resulting shutdowns, if we are to recover we must move past this behemoth and press on to normalcy, and not listen to the words of political leaders who want us to follow their fiat as opposed to the science.



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