Justice Department says the IRS must turn over Trump’s tax returns to Congress

The U.S Justice Department has ordered the Internal Revenue Service to hand over former president Donald Trump’s tax returns to a House of Representatives committee, saying the panel has offered “sufficient reasons” for requesting the material.
Assistant Attorney General Dawn Johnsen for the Office of Legal Counsel wrote:

“We cannot know where receipt of the requested tax information will take the committee, any more than the committee itself can predict what it will find or determine,”

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The department’s Office of Legal Counsel is reversing course and declared that the department erred in 2019 when Trump was still in office when it found that the request for his taxes by the Democratic-led House Ways and Means Committee was based on a “disingenuous” objective aimed at exposing them to the public.

While many believe that the democrats still are using this as a publicity stunt to “attack” President Trump’s financial and business earnings.
Johnsen made the statement “we have to presume the Committee will handle the tax information it receives with sensitivity to taxpayer privacy concerns.”




  1. Linda

    It is outrageous that any political party can get access to their political opponents income tax information.
    How about getting Pelosi’s tax returns?

    • Chris Russell

      It is incredibly crazy that they are pushing so hard. It has always been “voluntary” now the justice department with no evidence of wrong doing is ordering the surrender of the tax information. What makes it even stranger is he is out of office. Some would say leave the poor man alone.


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