Joe Biden’s approval rating sinking like the Titanic

According to Zogby poll president Bidens approval ratings continue to reach new lows. This comes on the heels of the administrations botched Afghanistan withdrawal, the death of 13 U.S. servicemembers, and hundreds of U.S. citizens and Afghan allies left behind in Afghanistan now controlled by the Taliban i.e., terrorists.

The poll which asked 896 likely voters between October 8 and 10 found Biden was viewed negatively among all age groups. Between ages 18- and 29-years old 63 percent viewed Biden negatively and only 34 percent positively.

The poll also revealed that Biden has lost support from the majority of Hispanic voters showing that 59 percent have a negative view of his presidency and only 41 percent of Hispanics having a positive rating of him.

The poll also showed that among one key demographic independent’s only 24 percent gave President Biden a positive rating, with 71 percent of independent voters giving Biden a negative rating. Additionally, 61.3 percent of the respondents gave Biden a negative rating when asked about his president’s job performance, with 2.3 unsure about how they felt.

Overall, only 36.4 percent of America believe Biden is doing a good job.

Full Zogby poll can be accessed here:

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