Jen Psaki blasts Gov. Youngkin over mask mandate

After republican Governor Glenn Youngkin signed an executive order removing mask mandates in schools Jen Psaki and certain school systems almost immediately upon his signing the executive order snapped back saying their mask mandates will stay in place.

Richmond Schools Superintendent Jason Kamras tweeted Saturday afternoon: ”@RPS_Schools will maintain its 100% mask mandate for students, staff, and visitors.”

The Times-Dispatch reports that the city of Alexandria’s school system said in a statement Sunday that it “will continue to abide by the health and safety guidelines of the CDC and the Alexandria Health Department and continue to require all individuals to wear masks that cover the nose and mouth in ACPS schools, facilities and buses.”

Fairfax County’s school system said it is reviewing the “operational implications” of Youngkin’s order, but that it also plans to continue to require students and staff to wear masks. Arlington County’s public schools said in a statement Saturday that its mask requirement is unchanged.

Jen Psaki, who described herself as an “Arlington County parent,” praised the school districts for pushing masking in schools.

“Arlington county parent here (don’t believe you are @GlennYoungkin but correct me if I am wrong). Thank you to @APSVirginia for standing up for our kids, teachers and administrators and their safety in the midst of a transmissible variant,” she tweeted on Sunday.

When asked if he would make the school districts comply with his order, Youngkin said: “We wrote the order specifically to give all of the school systems, basically, eight days to get ready. To listen to parents. And the fact that tweet came out from Arlington County within minutes of my executive order, what that tells me, they haven’t listened to parents yet.”

What we want to do is provide an “opt-out” Gov. Youngkin’s said. He went on to say he is putting the medical decisions of the children back in the parents hands by “…providing them the ability to make the right decision for their child with regard to their child’s well-being.”

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