January 6th committee third public meeting and summary

The house select committee which is supposed to be investigating the Capitol incident in which several protesters breached the capitol building “trespassing”  on the grounds instead turned to Trump.

They tried to show that President Donald Trump tried to pressure vice president to join an “alleged” scheme to overturn the presidential election. They then brought in witnesses that testified about how they warned Pence that he did not have the power to overturn the election.

They brought in legal experts who gave testimony that Pence could not overturn or decertify the election.

They tried to connect Trump’s expression of his opinion to the capitol incident.

The committee tried to connect Trumps expression of displeasure with the results of the election to the capitol incident, trying to tie his public statements and trying to link them with the trespassers/law breakers.

Much of it was taken from the protesters in which they claimed the election was rigged. The committee took that testimony and have claimed that because of their opinion that somehow means Trump masterminded a conspiracy.





Turning it all on John Eastman

While they could prove a link to support any criminal charges other on the President. They quickly turned to John Eastman. They worked at showing because he was close to Trump he wanted a different outcome therefore, there must be a conspiracy.

While this predicated on the deposition of attorny Eric Herschmann which said he “heard” Eastman say such and such.

The committee has subpoenaed thousands of Eastmans emails with only one so far about how he knew the democrats would come after him and seeking a preemptive “pardon” for that possibility.

Pence in danger

The small mob got about 40 feet from Vice President Mike Pence. They tried to show Pence life was in danger as a result of Trumps actions. Although they moved Pence to a secure underground bunker and was in no immediate danger afterwards.

Goal of the committee today

The investigation is about the 2020 election, but committee members went to great lengths to re-frame the conversation about the future with an eye toward 2024. The Democrats who run the committee are blasting the horn about Trump’s increasingly patriotic behavior, and the type of following a pro democracy, pro America platform means for future elections.

According to the committee and democrats The point of highlighting the “alleged” faults/crimes of Trump advisors and trying to lay the blame for any violence at Trump’s feet is because many Republicans have shied away from blaming Trump, and the committee hopes to change that.




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