January 6th committee second public hearing summary and video

The House committee investigating the U.S. Capitol incident on January 6 has veered from the intended purpose January 6 and instead started focusing on “alleged” mishandling of campaign donations. 

The committee comprised almost solely of all democrats talked very little on the perpetrators of January 6th who “trespassed” on the capitol building and “destroyed property” but instead focused much attention on Trump and trying throw out alleged campaign finance violations and supposed lies. Neither of which could be substantiated.



They tried to do several things in the second hearing

1. Democrats hammered the point that Trump should not have had or apparently wasn’t entitled to his belief that he “felt” the election was taken from him. They also tried to pin this verbiage to the January 6th incident saying the people who broke in did so because of his words. Although they have no proof to link the two.

2. They tried to hammer the point the election was the most secure in history ever and even people around him knew it citing sources like White House lawyer Eric Hershmann who said, “I never saw any evidence whatsoever” to support a claim to overturn the election. Essentially making the point since these people had that opinion Trump apparently wasn’t allowed to have his own opinion or go with his gut.

3. It became a smear campaign on Trumps close friend Rudy Giuliani apparently its attack the friends of political opponents committee

4. The tried to introduce crimes against Trump from campaign finance (which has nothing to do with January 6th) to witness tampering, and tampering with the election (he never met and FBI report shows no link between Trump and any of the alleged perpetrators).









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