Israel sends equipment and teams of firefighters to help battle the “Fire”

Israel has dispatched a team of firefighters to Athens as thousands of people have fled the wildfires that are burning out of control in Greece.
The Israeli team consisted of 16 firefighters. In addition to the firefighters Israel in a great act of generosity is shipping “a large amount of fire-retardant material” the fire service said in a statement.

Foreign Minister Yair Lapid when asked about the help said, “Israel is coming to assist Greece out of friendship and mutual aid.” He went on to say,

“I thank the firefighters who are going in the name of the State of Israel to assist our Greek friends,” he said.
The fires which have hit Turky and Greece due to a protracted heatwave have been described as some of the worst wild-fires in decades. They have swept through numerous costal areas in recent days and killed several people.

In Greece alone, firefighters were battling 56 active wildfires. Numerous evacuation orders have been issued for inhabited areas of the mainland and the nearby island of Evia.

Sotiris Danikas the head of the coast guard in the Town of Aidipsos described it by saying, “We’re talking about the apocalypse, I don’t know how to describe it.”

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