Is taxpayer money subsidizing Hunters lavish getaways?

With a plethora trouble and controversy surrounding Biden’s son many of these controversies solely because of the poor choices Hunter Biden has made. Nonetheless, he seems to revel in them. There’s his laptop bombshell which has been labeled as quote “Russian disinformation” by both big tech and mainstream media.

Conservative news sources like The Daily Brief and others dug deeper to find stunning revelations which included Hunter never having worked in energy sector while making $80,000 a month from a Ukrainian oil company and receiving a $2 million retainer to sell influence to the Libyan government.

You even have him selling his paintings to Chinese tycoons and high officials for hundreds of thousands of dollars, because of course he is the next Picasso. 

Now taxpayer dollars are being shelled out according to the New York Post to the tune of $30,000 a month so the secret service can rent an estate in the upscale celebrity enclave of Malibu to protect Hunter Biden, who is living nearby in a resort style home.

A former Secret Service agent told ABC News the setup is the “cost of doing business” for the agency, since Hunter — like other presidential family members — is entitled to round-the-clock security.

With all the controversy surrounding where he got his millions, then to use those millions to purchase a Malibu home where secret service are forced to spend $30,000 plus every month to get a nearby residents to protect the controversial figure is a sad indictment on where we’re at.


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