Iran behind the attack on US base inside Syria

According to U.S. officials Iran was behind the drone attack last week on a U.S. military installation in southern Syria where American troops are based.

U.S. officials said they believe that Iran encouraged and provided all the resources necessary for the attack although while they funded the terrorists who did it. Officials do not believe the drones were launched from Iran. According to officials speaking on conditions of anonymity they were Iranian drones.

Officials said they believe the attacks involved as many as five drones laden with explosive charges, and that they hit both the U.S. side of al-Tanf garrison and the side where Syrian opposition forces stay.

John Kirby a Pentagon spokesman declined to provide details when asked about the report during a news conference Monday. He called it a “complex, coordinated and deliberate attack” and said the U.S. has seen similar ones before from Shia militia groups that are backed by Iran.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, “and that if there is to be a response, it will be at a time and a place and a manner of our choosing, and we certainly won’t get ahead of those kinds of decisions.”

This comes as back handed assault on the U.S. as the Biden administration pushes for Iran to rejoin the nuclear deal a deal that will ensure Iran will get nuclear weapons in the future while letting them enrich uranium and easing sanctions so that they may get more money. It does raise the question why the administration is pushing so hard to guarantee one of the biggest sponsors of terrorism on the planet gets into a deal that will financially and in the way of nuclear capabilities benefit them?

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