Iowa – Gov. Kim Reynolds signed HF 847 into law earlier this year. The bill which contained several education policies also included one that requires all Iowa schools to lead the students in the Pledge of Allegiance once a day for grades 1-12.

The policy was proposed by State Rep. Carter Nordman (R-Adel). Nordman’s stand alone bill was passed in the Iowa House with overwhelming bipartisan support in February but was not considered by the Senate until they added it to HF 847.

Nordman said, “When writing the original bill, I wanted to ensure student’s First Amendment rights would not be infringed upon. That is why there is specific language included to protect the First Amendment rights of all students.”

Clearly referring to the right of every citizen to refuse to pledge allegiance to the country they live in, and the right of every patriot to stand for the flag they love.

He added, “I am extremely proud that HF 847 which included my Pledge of Allegiance language was signed by Governor Reynolds…”
“We don’t pledge our allegiance to a government or a leader. We pledge our loyalty to an idea – the American idea. We pledge our loyalty to the greatest social experiment to ever happen on this planet. This is why I believe the Pledge of Allegiance is so important.” Nordman said.

Nordman referred to the fact that his state that did not have the Pledge of Allegiance language in their code and by doing so were doing a “disservice” to the students of Iowa. He hopes this new law will serve as an opportunity for teachers to discuss with student the true meaning and rich history of the pledge of allegiance.

Nordman hopes that in a time of such great political divide the pledge will be something that restores a sense of patriotism and unity in our nation. Saying, “During a time of such political divide in our nation, I believe the pledge is something that can bring all Americans together, regardless of political affiliation.”

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